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Property Taxes

Real Estate Property Taxes

Real estate taxes are due by January 31st of each year. Your choice is to either pay in full or the first half as indicated on your property tax bill. ALL taxes are due by January 31st. Interest and penalties will incur so please be sure to pay in a timely manner. Checks are made payable to: Village of Almena (Note: Any payment AFTER January 31st will need to be paid directly to Barron County Treasurer Dept).

If you paid the first half, the second half is due July 31st. ALL real estate taxes paid AFTER January 31st need to be paid directly to Barron County Treasurer's office. Make checks payable to: Barron County Treasurer.

Please do call if you have any questions: (715) 357-6600.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal property taxes are due IN FULL (no exceptions) by January 31st and are made payable to the Village of Almena. Interest and penalties will incur if not paid by the due date.

Mill Rate

The current mill rate for the Village of Almena is: .948

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